Handicap Showers or Handicap Bathtubs – Which Option is Best for You?

Handicapped Accessible Bathrooms Provide Many Bathing Options.

Handicapped Showers

There are some people who are just more comfortable taking a shower rather than taking a bath. Walk in tubs are a great option for those who suffer from limited physical movement, but those individuals who prefer showers should not feel left out. Walk in showers can be installed to provide essentially the same safety and ease of accessibility as a walk in bathtub.

The most notable feature of a walk in shower is that they sit flush with the floor of your bathroom. This eliminates the hazard of having to step up into the shower enclosure and thus removes the fear and anxiety of tripping or falling and risking injury.

These showers can be installed in any existing bathroom and come in a extensive variety of shapes and sizes and with an ample selection of accessories to enhance the safety and enjoyment of showering. There are many options in just choosing the type of showerhead to be installed, from a hand held showerhead, pulsating/massaging showerheads, rain showerheads, or multiple heads. An additional option with many of these showers is a shower valve with scald protection that can be set to a maximum temperature to protect against possible scalding. Many of these showers can be outfitted with comfortable seats for anyone that has difficulty with standing in a shower for any length of time, some can even be purchased with padded seats for additional comfort.

Walk in showers can be something as simple as a chrome enclosed area with sliding glass doors to something as elegant as a “wet room” with steam shower capabilities. Your imagination or your budget is the only constraints when deciding how you want to design your own personal walk in shower.

handicap tubs and showers

If you are dealing with the reality of physical limitations or if you have a loved one that is dealing with this situation a walk in shower is definitely an option that can be explored. Additionally, if you are a caregiver and the stress and strain of caring for the needs of an individual is making life rather difficult, this is an option that can be considered.

As everyone ages it becomes increasingly important to be able to attend to their own personal and very private hygiene needs. With the introduction of walk in showers and walk in bathtubs more people dealing with the reality of limited physical capabilities, will be able to sustain their ability to remain in their homes and live with dignity and independence.

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